TOXiTAXi Database

Activity of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry, Cyt and Vip toxins as well as other toxic agents towards taxonomic groups.


Categories of toxic agents and entomopathogens included in the database


Invertebrate taxa tested in experiments included in the database
0 Coleoptera
0 Diptera
0 Lepidoptera
0 Rhabditida


Number of experiments indicating combinatorial effects among toxins, and toxins bioassayed separately
0 synergistic results
0 antagonistic results
0 additive results
0 not determined (i.e., individual toxin bioassays)


TOXiTAXi is a publicly available database and web application dedicated to gather and analyze the existing and future bioassay results of experiments investigating insecticidal activity and combinatorial effects among Bacillus thuringiensis toxins.
This user-friendly tool provides effortless sorting and analysis of the dataset and it is designed to be used by a bench scientist on an everyday basis. TOXiTAXi is dedicated both to academic communities and implementation units, which develop new bioinsecticides and Integrated Pest Management strategies.

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